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Past Events

In June we presented the exhibition »Homestory Deutschland - Black Biographies in Historical and Present Times« together with the installations about decolonizing activism and the mobile "Laye Condé memorial", about emetic torture and Racial Profiling in Germany in the lower town hall. This counteraction into the marginalization of Black presence and history was a big success. But the thematization of racism and colonial traces is not over. Therefor we are continuing with ore events on present colonial entanglements and resistance of Black people and People of Color. 

9th of March 2018

Black Decolonize Bremen goes Wakanda!

We're bringing the #BlackPantherChallenge to Bremen, Germany! We will go to the movie theatre to watch Black Panther with a group of Black and/or Afro-German youths! We got funding and will pay for the tickets – so you have nothing to do than to register and enjoy the film with us.

HOW & FOR WHOM?: For all Black and/or Afro-German children and teenagers inbetween 12-25!
We will watch the movie in German. 

your Black Community activists from Decolonize Bremen

6th & 7th of December 2017 

Movie screening and discussion: »Decolonizing the Cinema?!«

We are screening the movie “SPEAK UP/MAKE YOUR WAY” from the Afrofeminist filmmaker and activist Amandine GAY.

“SPEAK UP/MAKE YOUR WAY” is a movie about francophone European Black women from the diaspora. The film will deal with the intersections of discrimination, art, Blackness in all its expressions and why we choose to reclaim the narrative about ourselves.

Afterwards there will be a discussion with the filmmaker.

The film is in French with English subtitles.

Wed. 6th of December 2017, 6pm at City46, Birkenstraße 1, Bremen. Information about the accessibility

Thu. 7th of December 2017, 4pm at Cine-k, Bahnhofstraße 11, Oldenburg Information about the accessibility

>> For people with children we are offering a childcare program during the movie screening in the Cine-k (Oldenburg)

30th of November 2017

Lecture with Noah Sow: „Who speaks, who delivers? Requirements for qualified Anti-discrimination work“
Well intentioned doesn't equal well done. In her lecture, acclaimed author and activist Noah Sow explains how undertakings (events, workshops, panel discussions) aimed at promoting decolonisation and equality can be approached in a more informed and conducive way. Activists, as well as everybody working or interested in NGOs, grassroots organisations, students' committees or "Antidiskriminierungsbüros" are invited to learn best practices and common pitfalls.  
After the lecture: networking meeting for Black people and Activists of Color.

18 Uhr / 6 pm, Schwankhalle Bremen, Buntentorsteinweg 112/116


27th & 28th of October 2017

Training: Colonialism and Colonialracism in schools and extra-curricular education with Josephine Apraku and Dr. Jule Bönkost
This training offers first steps in a racismcritical teaching by addressing Germany‘s history of colonialism. Meanwhile it is raising the question what the latter has to do with colonialracism and with oneself.
The training is offered for (student) teachers and people interested in pedagogics.

Registration until the 30th September at:

2 pm – 6 pm & 10 am – 5 pm, Landesinstitut für Schule (LIS), Am Weidedamm 20

17th of September

„Politics of Hair“ Workshop with Emilene Wopana Mudimu

How do Black women* cope with the western ideals of beauty and what meaning is assigned to Afro hair in this context? This workshop will give an overview on the history and politization of the Afro and will look at the relationship that Black women* have with their own Afrohair. Additionally I will give an insight into my own “hair journey”.

Simple and practical Styling tips for natural Afrohair tips will be given and can be tried out together.

This workshop is only intended for Black & Afrogerman women*.

Registration until the 6th Sept. 2017 at:

1pm – 5pm, BDP Mädchen_kulturhaus, Heinrichstr. 21**

[further information]

16th & 17th of September 2017 

Empowering Black Kids/Kids of Color!
Empowerment-Workshop for Black parents and Parents of Color 
with Tupoka Ogette And Stephen Lawson
How can Black parents/parents of Color strengthen their kids in their identity in a predominantly white society? How can they offer empowering support to their children in their struggle with experiences of rejection and discrimination? How can they protect themselves and their children against subtle and offensive everyday racism?

This workshop offers parents the opportunity to address these and many other questions in a safe space and develop strategies to empower their children and their

The workshop is designed only for Black Parents/Parents of Color.

With childcare program.

Registration until the 2nd of September at:

10 am – 5 pm & 10 am – 3 pm, Verband binationaler Familien & Partnerschaften, Aßmannshauser Straße 54

[further information]

12th & 13th of August

Training: Identification and strategies of intervention in discriminatory and stereotyping in (not only) pedagogical contexts with Aretha Schwarzbach-Apithy.

Amongst other things the training will introduce the participants to:

1. the “spaces” before and after discrimination;
2. the intersections between discrimination and pedagogy/education as well as the hidden structures
that make it “easy” to exclude, to tolerate or not notice exclusion in pedagogic spaces;
3. the correlation of discrimination, conflict and communication

[more information]

20th and 28th of June

Decolonizing the Cinema?!

On two evenings works of the significant, Senegalese filmmaker Ousmane Sembene (1923-2007) will be screened, with the opportunity for an open discussion afterwards. The movies will be in French/Wolof with German subtitles.

Cine-k, Bahnhofstraße 11, Oldenburg

20th June, 7.30pm: The Short film "Borom Sarret" (1963) & „La noire de …“ (1966)
28th June, 7.30pm: "Xala" (1974): It is the dawn of Senegal's independence from France. But as the citizens celebrate in the streets we soon become aware that only the faces have changed. White money still controls the government. One official, Aboucader Beye, known by the title "El Hadji," once dedicated to the struggle for Independence, now takes advantage of some of that money to marry a third woman, to the sorrow and chagrin of the other two wives and the resentment of his nationalist daughter. But he discovers on his wedding night that he has been struck with a curse: "Xala”.

We rejoice to welcome this day the film scholar and curator Enoka Ayemba from berlin as guest and moderator in the discussion!

Discussion in: German - English – French

Movie: OMU (French/Wolof with subtitles)

»Xala (1975) « Le début de l'Indépendence de l'occupation française au Sénégal. Une explosion de joie dans les rues. Très vite, les sénégalais se rendent compte que le pouvoir est resté le même, seuls les visages qui le représente ont changés. L'argent du colonisateur contrôle encore le gouvernement. Aboucader Beye, homme d’affaires sénégalais, connu pour son titre de “El Hadji“, jadis militant pour l'indépendence, profite d’une partie de cet argent pour se marier avec un troisième femme. La nouvelle provoque un grand chagrin à ces deux premières épouses ainsi que l'indignation de sa fille, militante nationaliste. Le soir de son mariage, « El Hadji », découvre qu'il a été frappé par la malédiction de “Xala”, par l’impuissance.

24th of June 2017

Panel discussion and networking: Black struggles - Struggles of Migration - Decolonization

Activists from different groups that were active during the last 25 years in Germany will come together to talk about their struggles. The focus will be on the history, differences and similarities of the different struggles against racism in Germany and their connection to decolonization.

3pm – 6pm,  DGB-Haus, Bahnhofspl. 22

23rd of June 2017

Spoken Word Performance with Stefanie-Lahya Aukongo and Sarah Mouwani

We, two black poets perform about experiences from a world which is not made for us. We write from a Black_intersectional perspective, we write about self-love, self-consciousness. We perform because words are our resistance.

7:30pm, Alsomirschmeckts!-Theater, Fehrfeld 26

18th of June 2017

City Tour: “Colonial Traces in Bremen” with Kim Annakathrin Ronacher

During this tour we will visit some places, where German and European colonialism has left its traces and learn about their history as well as about today’s dealing with the colonial past, politics of remembrance and possibilities of decolonization in Germany.

2pm (approx. 2,5h), Lüderitzstr./corner of Emmastr (Station Busestraße).

17th of June

City Tour: „Forgotten, surpressed, marketed? Traces of Colonialism in the Überseestadt“

The Überseestadt (English: „Oversea city“) carries its trade and colonial history already in its name. This city tour will follow the past and present traces of colonialism in the harbor area.

2pm (approx. 2h), Nordstr./Waller Ring, at the entry of Überseestadt direction HfK (station: Waller Ring, bus 28 and tram 3)

13. & 14th of June 2017

Decolonizing the Cinema?!

Majubs Journey & The colonial Misunderstanding

Majubs Journey & The colonial Misunderstanding: In »Majubs Journey« Eva Knopf narrates the incredible biography of the Tanzanian Majub bin Adam Mohamed, who had several featured parts in German movies in the 1930s. Majub died in 1944 in the concentration camp Sachsenhausen (D 2013, 48 Min.).
In »The colonial Misunderstanding« Jean-Marie Téno examines the relationships of christian mission and colonialism, amongst others the genocide of Herero and Nama in 1904/1907 (F/D 2004, 76 Min., original version with German subtitles - Unfortunately English subtitles are not available).

8:30pm, City 46 Bremen

10th and 11th of June

Empowerment Workshop – Strategies against Racism & for more decolonization of the everyday life with Nissar Gardi and Verena Meyer

In regard to our different experiences with racism this workshop will open a space for exchange on racism & the development of strategies of dealing with it in our daily lifes. The workshop is designed only for people who experience racism in Germany.

Registration until the 1st of June at:

10am-4pm, Paradox, Bernhardstr. 12

7th of June

City Tour: “Colonial Traces in Bremen” with Kim Annakathrin Ronacher

During this tour we will visit some places, where German and European colonialism has left its traces and learn about their history as well as about today’s dealing with the colonial past, politics of remembrance and possibilities of decolonization in Germany.

2pm (approx. 2,5h), Lüderitzstr./corner of Emmastr. (Station Busestraße)

31th of May

Opening of the exhibition

A board member of the Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland and Sunny Omwenyeke, a person featured in the exhibition, will be present for the opening of  »Homestory Deutschland- Black Biographies in Historical and in Present Times«, to lay out the backgrounds and aims of the exhibition.

6:30pm, Lower Town Hall, Am Markt 21

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