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Past Activities

»Homestory Deutschland«
Black Biographies in Historical and in Present Times


From 31st of May until the 1st of July 2017 we presented the exhibition »Homestory Deutschland« together with installations about decolonizing activism and the mobile "Laye Condé memorial", about emetic torture and Racial Profiling in Germany in the lower town hall. 

Read more about it below. 



The Exhibition

People of African heritage have been living in Germany for centuries, although only very little is known about their historical and current presence here. While they are barely mentioned as an identifiable group in mainstream historiography, their image in public discourse is dominated by stereotypical clichés.


The interactive exhibition »Homestory Deutschland«, initiated by the Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland tries to approach this multifaceted topic in a particular way. With the synopsis of 27 visually presented biographies of women and men of African descent, who lived in Germany in the last three decades, a collective self-portrait was created that acknowledges Black perspectives and reflections, contributions and earnings in a special way.

***The exhibition Homestory Deutschland is only partially accessible. Some of the turning boards are 1,81m high, others 1,32m high.***

The Installations

Pictures will display the symbolic change of street names that honour major personalities in German colonial history to names of anti colonial and decolonize activists amongst others.

The installations will furthermore include screenings of video clips, in which ‘Decolonize Germany’ activists discuss various questions on colonial traces and continuities, and efforts to decolonize public spaces in Germany.

Laye-Alama Condé died at the hands of the police in Bremen in 2005 as they administered emetics to him. The »Laye Condé Audio Mobile Memorial« will be installed and feature interviews with victims of emetics administration by the police and racial profiling in Bremen.

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