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In February 2020 history is made in Bremen, as the presence and perspectives of Black people are being centered for the first time for a whole month.

We, the Black Student Union Bremen, want to create time and space for us by us and are thrilled to invite you to the Black OurStory Month!

In this we are following the tradition of the Black History Month and want to take this time as an opportunity to initiate processes of (re)learning and (re)thinking about Black perspectives. 

Throughout February, Black people will come together to remember their s*heroes, their stories across generations as well as to honor the lives and legacies of Black people around the world: Our stories are unique, a testimony of strength and a call for freedom. This freedom also includes a decolonization of knowledge and existing norms.

Starting with the name of our eventseries we take this month as an opportunity to rewrite history and render it more visible to the outside world: The “Black OurStory Month”, deviates from the traditional version of the “Black History Month” in order to set a visible focus on stories outside of cisgendered  and heteronormative perspectives. (We do not only want to focus on “his story” - i.e. male perspectives - but stories of all genders and Black identities).

Join us and witness how traditions and future perspectives intertwine. Throughout the month there will be events by and for Black people, focusing on making ourselves speakers on our topics, (re)defining knowledge about ourselves, shaping our narratives as Black people, and having a space for exchange, networking and empowerment.

Attached you find our program flyer for the month. Several events are exclusively for Black people and free of charge. There will also be open events where non-black people are welcome to participate. For these events we suggest a solidarity donation in between 5-10€. 

We will pass on the donations of the entrance fees, together with the donations from our Trans Sibling Solidarity Fund, to Black trans, non-binary, inter-, agender, polygender and genderfluid people living in Germany and people who identify with all other variants of gender identities that are not cis gender.

What is the Trans Sibling Solidarity Fund?

We see that Black people in Bremen, but also globally, reproduce structures of oppression towards our queer and/or trans siblings. The Black Student Union Bremen is a queerfeminist group and we fight against this repetition of power structures. Our understanding of being in community means to actively contribute to this fight by supporting marginalized Black people who are affected by multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination. This is why we created the Trans Sibling Solidarity Fund. We want to use the Black OurStory Month and the platform it creates to draw attention to this anti-Black, gender-specific oppression (within and outside our communities) and to call for active forms of solidarity. Help us to practically redistribute resources! For more information visit our campaign at:


With Power & Love, 

The Black Student Union Bremen



Call for donations! Crowd funding campaign to support:

"Shut down Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße!"


From now on you can help us to financially support the self-organization and protest of the teenage refugees in the Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße Camp Bremen.

Justice and Freedom for all!


Bremen has an accommodation for teenage refugees that violates any possible standards and that shamelessly disregards the Youth Service Act.

The living conditions are disastrous:

„Where they accommodate us they wouldn‘t even keep their beloved dogs.”

The ‘Shut down Camp Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße’ Alliance was founded at the beginning of May this year. It consists of a group of young people living in the camp as well as supporters who have declared their solidarity to their agenda.

Starting point for this were the demands made by several teenagers living in the camp for humane living conditions:

*Immediate shut down of the refugee shelter Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße in Bremen. No Lager!

*No transfers, but a future and a right to stay for all- here in Bremen!

*Stop of the age determination process! “Nobody can be born twice - I want my age back!” Recognition of the age the black teenagers are stating, sometimes even with document proven dates of birth. In connection  to that, the providing of shelter via the youth welfare and an opportunity to go to school.

*Good food and shelter for all!

*Appropriate health care and school for all!


Why should someone support this project?


Political Protest requires courage, strength, time, energy, but also money.

Sharing is caring.


Especially because the authorities’ separation and repression has the goal to hinder self organization and to weaken the movement further resources are needed.


As Decolonize Bremen we strive to share and re/distribute resources and in solidarity support the work of the “Shut down Camp Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße!” financially. With your help it is our goal to collect at least 2.000€ to do so.

Our Crowdfunding campaign will be running until the 31st of July 2018. Below the link:


What will the money be used for after successful funding?

Funds are needed for shelter, care, tickets as well as lawyer expenses. They are needed especially in transitioning episodes, when teenagers have been ordered unacceptable transfers.

Decolonize Bremen would like to thank you for your support, no matter if with 1,-, 10,- 100,- or …. €.

Moreover, here you will find the predecessor for an online petition in support of the Alliance. Please sign and forward not only the petition but also the crowdfunding campaign. (An online version oft he petition will follow.)

Decolonize Bremen in support & solidarity with the Shut Down Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße! Alliance

Facebook page of Shut Down Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße!ße-Camp-463297177424556/

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